HOT Marketing Advice - How to get your website seen...  

HOT Marketing Advice - How to get your website seen...
There are 1000s of escort directories on the internet, 95% of them have been created in a day, have no ranking on google and are quite franky pointless and likely to have disappeared within a few months. If you wish to get listed on every directory out there then be prepared to have a website devoted more to escort directory banners than to you and your business... not very good if you wish to promote yourself as 'elite'.

I provide a complimentary list (for HOT clients only) of the top 15 escort directories around (tweaked depending on your country) based on many of my client's own first hand experience. These directories have been around for many years, have a high ranking on google and are regularly frequented by quality clientele. If you want to actually make money through your website then you need to pay for advertising on
some of these escort directories.

My advice to my web design clients is to choose at least 3 of your preferred sites (from my list of 15, or by all means do your own research by googling around, checking other people's sites etc) and purchase prominent advert spots on them. The other directories from this list that you don't pay to advertise on, we can add their banners to your site's links page and submit a free listing via the directories website.

So there you have it. It's pretty simple really. Spend a little to make a lot.
That's my advice .. take it or leave it!

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